FLYSTRONG® Drone Protection


flystrong_165x100_transTake To The Skies With Peace Of Mind
Starting At Only $9.99/Month
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FLYSTRONG® Drone Protection

flystrong_165x100_transFlystrong offers UAV protection plans.
Starting At Only $9.99/Month
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FLYSTRONG® Drone Protection

flystrong_165x100_transFull repair or replace protection plan subscription.
Starting At Only $9.99/Month
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Drone Protection For New And Used Drones

FLY STRONG offers full coverage protection plans for UAV’s.  Coverage is offered for both new and used aircraft and requires no long term contracts, cancelation fees, explanation of damage or restriction due to the type of damage.  Basically if your drone has been damaged and it was previously enrolled in a FLYSTRONG protection plan you are covered.  All protection plans include water damage as well as operator error.  Even if your drone was not in flight when it was damaged you can send it in for repair.  One low monthly cost covers all repairs unless the drone is determined to be unrepairable by a FLYSTONG technician in which case the drone would be replaced.

Crash It, Smash It, Drown It… 

Just Send Us The Pieces!

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Mavic Pro

Plans Starting At $19.99

Phantom 4

Plans Starting At $19.99

Phantom 3

Plans Starting At $9.99

DJI Inspire 1

Plans Starting At $49.99


If you’re using drones professionally or for fun, then you’re probably aware that accidents happen. If for any reason your device sustains impact or liquid damage – rest assured – you are covered with FlyStrong! Having a full drone Protection Plan gives you total peace of mind, knowing that you’re covered by the best in the business.

100% Coverage

Full coverage for life of the warranty subscription.  If your drone is non-repairable we will replace it with either a refurbished or new drone.

OEM Parts

All parts are from original manufacturer. No off brand parts are used for repairs.

Guaranteed Repair

All repairs are guaranteed. We test every drone before returning it to the owner.

Customer Dashboard

All FLY STRONG® subscribers are given a username and password to their own service portal. This dashboard allows you to do many things such as file a warranty claim or track a repair.

What We Offer

FLYSTRONG offers a complete drone protection plan.  The protection plans are available for most DJI brand drones.  Coverage is for all body parts and excludes controller.  Coverage is easy to obtain through our simple online subscription process.  Basically when you create a FLYSTRONG® account you register your drone.  Once your account is set up the registrations process is simple.


Protection plans can be purchased after the drone has been in use. There is a 15 day waiting period for coverage once the protection plan is purchased for a used drone.  On a new drone coverage begins immediately if FLYSTRONG® subscription is purchased with the drone.

You only need a few things to register a drone for our warranty plan.


  •  UAV Serial Number
    • Typically located on the bottom of your UAV.
  • Gimbal Serial Number
    • Typically located on the top of your gimbal.

Repair Process

File Claim

Login to your FLYSTRONG account and file a claim.  It only takes a couple of minutes.  You can even use your mobile device.

Print Your Shipping Label

Print the shipping label and take your drone to any FedEx pick up location.

Track Your Repair

All repairs will be tracked using your FLYSTRONG dashboard.  This dsshboard will show you that your drone has been received and which status of repair it is in.  When your drone is repaired you will get a notification that it is shipping out to you.

Frequently Asked Questions


FLYSTRONG® belives in customer service.  We know that our subscribers have many questions and sometimes we can’t answer them all in our website.  If you have more questions feel free to contact us via email or phone.


Who pays for shipping?
FlyStrong will pay for shipping back to you; you are responsible for shipping expenses to FlyStrong.
I was flying and hit a tree next to my pool and it fell in, am I covered?
Absolutely, If possible rinse with fresh water drain and ship it to us.
How many times can I use the protection plan?
There is no limit as long as your subscription active.
Does the protection plan cover the remote control?
To keep costs lower the basic plan does not cover the controller. FlyStrong does however offer an additional controller coverage plan.
What is the turnaround time?
Your aircraft will be diagnosed, repaired or replaced and shipped back out within five (5) business days of us receiving it.